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The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.

John Bingham

Crush List: Week of May 27th

1. Run Fat Boy Run

Who doesn’t love Simon Pegg!?! Plus this movie has a nice little vibe. One of my favorite lines anywhere is in this movie. 

2. Brooks Switch 4 Running Shoe

I used to be a Saucony girl until I tried these shoes out. I love that they come up higher towards my ankle and gives me extra support. 

3. Clean Original Radiance Body Spray 

Spendy but worth it for post work out (especially during the summer). It contains some salicylic acid so it helps with body acne if you’re prone to a few break outs. Make sure you check the ingredients to ensure you aren’t allergic. 

On Appearances and Grown Up Stuffs

I’ve never been someone who’s considered conventionally attractive and I’m ok with that. I’ve always been jealous of girls who were always the perfect weight and always looked put together. The boys always liked them better than me too and I hated it. I learned the hard way that really you weren’t worth anything unless you were pretty. As a result I closed down pretty early. It’s not that I didn’t want to date, it was just, no one asked. Those who did were weird and if it WAS someone I was sweet on, it wouldn’t matter because they’d just end up liking someone better, thinner, longer hair, super smart, more feminine. It was always someone who had that slightly girlier edge. It’s not that I don’t want to be girly, it’s just I want to be me in whatever form that is. I don’t like having to change myself in order to fit a stereotype or please people. I think that you do have to alter things somewhat if you want to get ahead and attract a mate and that’s fine. 

This feeling of inadequacy is a little better but still pretty crippling now that I’ve put on weight and have entered my mid 30s.  Women are not only fed messages of “if you don’t fit this type then forget it” but in your mid-30’s the message is, “Well the reason your boyfriend won’t marry you is because you’re fat and ugly and desperate so you might as well give up and buy a cat”. Not to mention being fed tales of men ditching their girlfriends to go be with younger women because they don’t want to get married as badly. It’s bullshit. How can you not get depressed and eat your way through a pizza? Every single man has dumped me because I wasn’t good enough. In my last relationship I was cheated on, and pretty blatantly too.  

What I hate the most is being judged on my appearance and interests. I enjoy sports and don’t always dress up. I’m me: take it or leave it. I wear make up because I damn well want to.  I’ll happily change as the relationship progresses as there is a give and take.  I think in a relationship you do have to watch your appearance because it’s just a common courtesy. At the same time, you shouldn’t feel pressured to do so. 

On MLB’s Carry In Policy & Being Called a Fat Ass

We go to a lot of baseball games here in Milwaukee. When I first started dating my sweet fella the food temptations were too much. I didn’t want to seem like one of ‘those girls’ who just eats lettuce and drinks MGD 64. I would dread each game because there would be a new temptation to overcome and it was horrible. I’d be starving and here everyone was eating their brats, cheese fries and nachos. Then I started giving in and it was as if I was let out of food jail. I swear it was a free for all. 

After awhile I felt I had to put my foot down because eating poorly at the ballpark was really upsetting me. I was gaining weight and starting to get resentful and not wanting to go. Sure they have healthy options there but let’s be honest, it’s disgusting. Actually the baked potato is pretty good but still. Wisconsin and Milwaukee has such a free for all eating culture and at sporting events it’s like naughty food on P90X. 

Fortunately, Miller Park has a carry in policy where you can just bring in your own food. I know some stadiums don’t have this; it’s a shame but understandable. The carry in policy helps me enjoy the food I want without having to sacrifice all my Weight Watchers points, waistline and wallet.  It’s important that all teams continue to have this. 

The next point is self control. I ask myself, ‘Hey dummy! Why don’t you learn a little self-control’. Well that’s the thing, self control takes time and discipline. Now I don’t feel the overwhelming need to stuff my face at the ballpark. Ballpark food honestly grosses me out a little bit. In addition, being called a fat ass by fellow fans is enough for me. Being uncomfortable in the seats is enough for me. Dreading ballgames because I look and feel like a turd is enough for me. If I had my way I wouldn’t go to any games until I was thinner because it’s a living hell. I am honestly dreading this season because I can’t wear shorts or a skirt and I sure as shit am not wearing capris. After that it’s just a sleigh ride to menopause. The ballpark is the last place I’d rather be these days despite the carry in policy.

Crush List: Week of May 20th

1. Lolo 

Twitter: @lolofitness

Lolo makes lovely fitness apps for the iPhone (and hopefully Android soon). What I love about these apps is that you can customize to your fitness level as well as to the equipment you have available. There are apps for treadmill, elliptical, cycling, arms, legs and more. You can also listen to your favorite tunes as well while you are working out. The best thing about these apps is that you can really take your workout anywhere.

2. Rishi Tea

Twitter: @rishitea

I love Rishi! It’s a local (Milwaukee) tea company that is super friendly and makes great tea. Not in Milwaukee? Check your friendly neighborhood Whole Foods store. 

It’s hard to pick one tea that I love because I love them all. Their iced teas are fantastic and I’m a fan of the Peach Rooibos. 

3. Fit Bit

Twitter: @fitbit

I love my Fit Bit. It’s more than just a pedometer, it’s a little gadget to help you get healthy. It tracks how many steps (including stairs if you have the Ultra) and can monitor your sleep patterns. The data is transmitted (when you dock it) to the Fit Bit website and you can get visuals of your activity levels and more. You also have individual goals (that you can adjust) to reach each day and get badges when you do! 

LeSabotage Loses: May Playlist

Here is a sampling of songs I like listening to when I work out

Gimme More (Kaskade Club Mix)- B in the Mix- The Remixes, Vol. 2-Britney Spears

You Be Illin’- Raising Hell- Run DMC

Angel on My Shoulder- Strobelite Seduction (Bonus Track Version)- Kaskade

The Night out (Madeon Remix)- Martin Solveig

In My Arms- Mylo

Strip Me- Natasha Bedingfield

Sunchyme- Dario G

Raindrops- Basement Jaxx

She’s a Freak- Hyper Crush

Levels (Cazzette’s NYC Mode Mix)- Avicii

From Where I Stand- Chicane

Saltwater- Chicane 

On Finding Delicious Things to Eat & the Fake Fendi

Sugar free = Frowny Face

I hate sugar free/ fat free things. I think its against God’s plan and really doesn’t help. Again, this is for me, this may not apply to other people. 

To me, sugar free/ fat free is disgusting and really makes my problem worse. When I have a Diet Coke, I immediately start craving salty snacks, then I crave real sugar. I’d rather eat the real stuff and face my problems. If I’ve had too much that day, I go without it or find another way. 

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Crush List: Week of May 13

Here are places and things that I absolutely love. I don’t get compensated for these loves, I just like them.

1. LuluLemon Pure Balance Bottle: Glass. I love having it for work or making sure I get my daily water allowance. 

2. LuluLemon Headbands: I have really fine hair and a headband can usually make my hair look weird. These are wonderful (and they’re pretty). Worth the investment. You’ll have them for a long long time. 

3. Pearl Izumi Sugar Knicker : I love these knickers. They have just enough padding in the right lady zone areas that don’t make you look like you crapped your pants. Plus how fun is it to say ‘knicker’?

These types of concoctions are nothing new...

Ladies, haven’t we ALL tried to make something like this when we are in the throes of womanly glory?